High Presure Hydraulic Jacks - Pancack Jacks

These jacks are designed specifically where space is a constarint. Ideally used where no other cylinders will fit for lifting, lowering, spreading of structures, bridges, heavy machinery etc.

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Mechanical Track Jacks - Mechanical Infringing Track Jacks

These are simplest and most versatile general purpose jacks widely used in railwaytrack maintenance work, ship yards, oil fields, mining and construct work

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Single acting, Double acting, Cylinder is honed to a surface finish of 0.4 microns.

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Recent Projects

Industries We Cater

As high pressure hydraulic equipment are used in a wide range of industrial applications therefore, we have been successfully catering multiple industries through our high quality products.
The following industries are with in the scope our penetration: Railway, Steel Industry, Constructional Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Automobile Industry, Cement Industry, Sugar Industry, Mining Industry, Atomic plants, Air Force & Navy, Power Plants, Ship Yards & Other Industries.