Safety Instructions

Use funnel during pouring oil in the pump. Fill Oil only when the connected jacks is in fully retracted condition.

Engage the male & Female side QCC fully / Firmly. Dont over tightened QCC.
This may distort the threads of QCC and you may experience wirking problem of the jack. Use dust caps when QCC are disconnected.

Use rigid / firm base while lifting. Canter the jack saddle to the CG of the lifting lad, this may avoid load slippage & Loose Lifting.

Do not jacks & pumps by their hoses. This will damage the end conncetions which may cause system failure / accident

Decide the load lifting point on all thejacks so that load will be equally distributed and experience even lifting.

Do not drop any objects on the hose. This will damage the hose and would be a cause for accident. Avoid sharp bends during operation.

Clean the QCC before engaging the male & Female side QCC. Dont Disconnect the QCC when the jack is under load. This may cause severe injury / dath. Always disconnect the QCC when jack is under the retract position.

Druing raising use blocks under the load for the safety. As youlift load higher insert more blocks. Lift the load slowly and check offenly. Please avoid standing in the lone of force. Anticipate problem during lifting and take steps according to the situations.

Dont treat jack as permanent supports. Jacks are designed to lift and lower load. Ensure solid support / crib / our locknut jacks while working under load.

Don not weld / gas cut without sufficient covering of the jack. Due to heat exposition seals & hoses may be damaged & oil in the hose may ignite & cause accident.

To avoid injury or death read alll warning labels, instructions & maintenance manual, understand before using the equipment under operation.
Never ever remove the labels from equipment. Replace damage / Worn-out labels.
Always wear helmet, Safety goggles & Protecting lothing when using hudraulic equipment. use common lables.
Though the manufactured jack capacity and stroke of jack are maximum but you should know the weight of what you itend to lift and choose the jack.
Using the jack for 80% of the rated copycat would be a safe practice.